May 29, 2009

I've leveling an rogue lately for some time, and doing some quests in Nagrand i remembered back in the days when i used to farm Mote of Water there on my Warlock to get that Frozen Shadoweave Set and i was farming those Motes all day long, in the morning before going to work. And let me tell you that the satisfaction of having all the set on was priceless.

Since then i leveled up an paladin, hunter and now rogue, and for all of them i got the materials for crafted items, or just bought items directly from Auction House, but never felt so good as i was then. Farming at AH is much more easy, less time consuming, but the reward is not that great.

I saw many people farming a lot of things for gold. There is even these chinese farmers that farm for RL money, but AH is much more rewarding gold wise, still no matter how much gold you make, no matter how much fun you have doing so, i never felt again that good as i was back then.

Making gold is somewhat easy, playing the AH, finding that very underpriced item is aswell a matter of luck but pretty easy with the given tools, keeping (spending) wisely the gold is not.