Mr. Trade Police Guy

May 28, 2009
As you might already know from diffrent blogs, there is a post at wow insider about Mr. Trade Police . This is the guy who knows all the markets, all the prices and allways knows that you are overpricing, no matter how low you sell.
I encounter one of these guys yesterday, while trying to sell Tome of Polymorph: Turtle for 400g. The price is very good considering is selling for arround 1000g if you stay enough with it on the AH or trade. Now this guy offered me 20g for it saying that it is overpriced. Whenever i encounter one of this guys the discussion goes something like this:

Trade Police Guy: How much?
Me: 400 gold
Trade Police Guy: WTF, that is so overpriced. It is not worth more than 20g.
Me: Hmmm. You are right. So i will sell it to you for 20g.
Trade Police Guy: Really?
Me: No. Bye :)

There is of course the type who just likes to annoy:

TPG: How much?
Me: 400 gold
TPG: 300 gold, because "n" reasons
Me: Ok. Lets say 350 gold.
TPG: 310, because etc and etc and etc
Me: Ok 310.
TPG: Nevermind

The /trade channel is just something that never stops to amaze me (no matter the realm). And as someone said on a diffrent blog, every server(faction) has a celebrity wanabe and Mr. Trade Police Guy is an well known candidate.